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Post by Archie » 01 Feb 2019 21:49

It took me long time to create Trackballs.EU...

The story is simple: being trackball user, I've always been in search of my "ideal trackball". For many years, I've tried almost all available finger-operated models, and selection of every next one motivated me to collect available information. Browsing the net, I've made two major observations: 1)- Trackballs became a "niche product" nowadays, and 2)- There's no general reliable source of information about them.

Unfortunately, published data often is either incomplete or just plain wrong. Last remarkable example was ITAC Evolution: even such basic thing as a ball size, was impossible to determine. Manufacturer itself haven't specified it, and various resellers are free to use imagination:

http://www.trackballworld.com/itac_evol ... d_usb.aspx
Trackball Size: 2-1/4"
http://www.ergocanada.com/detailed_spec ... kball.html
Ball diameter: 1.75" (4.5 cm)
In reality, ITAC Evolution ball size is exactly 2".

This is just example, but overall picture is more or less like that.

There's still relatively big community of trackball users: the questions about particular model are often asked on various resources. The answers gathered (if any) aren't always correct, so it seems there's some demand for an accurate information.

My continuous hunting for "the best trackball ever" produced side effect: some kind of collection. But I'd have to admit, I'm not true collector: no attempts to keep particular device in its original state, or something like that. I've actually used all of them, modifying if required. As I have personally evaluated many models, I've finally decided to share my experience, and provide specialized site for fellow ballers to discuss related matters.

Feel free to participate!