iOne Lynx W10

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iOne Lynx W10

Post by Archie » 11 Apr 2019 12:08

Ball size: 113/16" (46mm)
USB ID: VID_195D&PID_1021
Device Name: USB Mouse
Year: 2018

Initially manufactured by iOne Technology (formerly Qtronix, Itron) to be used in company's Scorpius V1L keyboard/trackball combo, also rebranded as Tesoro G6TL. Recently, released as stand-alone device.

I've bought version rebranded as Sanwa 400-MA094:


Funny thing is incorrect ball size in Sanwa's description, repeated everywhere as 45mm - while real size is 46mm: exactly as in other iOne trackball, Lynx R15 (also known as Sanwa MA-TB41 and Adesso iMouse T1).

Overall quality is quite good. Ceramic bearings are used. Main switches are Omron D2FC-F-7N(10M), middle is square-shaped Panasonic EVQP0E07K style. Encoder is mechanical. Black ball have metallic sparkling coating, identical to Kensington Expert and Elecom Deft. Sensor - PixArt PAW3205DB-TJ3T, controller SONiX 8F22E83BJ, with separate T24C02A memory IC.

Image Image

Image Image

Main design flaw IMHO is a buttons shape and placement: they're too far from the ball. As a result, when the wrist is in comfortable position to control the ball, thumb is positioned on the gap between left button and case, and pinkie is completely on the case surface above right button. This even pictured on the Sanwa advertising pictures:

Image Image

Not fatal issue, though: it's possible to just place your hand lower. Less comfortable, but usable. Another minor thing is, selection of mount points where the buttons are attached: directly below the edge of case. Subsequently, it's harder to click the buttons in natural hand position: most easy and pleasant feel is when you click on lower part of buttons.

Tracking is very good and smooth: ball movement is excellent, with no sticking right out of the box. Scrolling is decent, accessible for thumb and for fingers. Sensor is located in off-center position, but it seems signals are corrected in firmware. BTW, in early keyboard batches a problem was reported with different sensitivity for vertical and horizontal tracking. Apparently it was fixed in later FW versions.

Firmware supports click-lock function (for left button only), activated by simultaneous clicking of middle + left buttons and released by any click. Another button combination is used to completely disable tracking: holding all three buttons for 5 seconds will do that. Scrolling and button clicks continue to work: just mouse pointer is frozen. Brief click of all 3 buttons restores normal operation. I don't know what purpose that function could be used for: maybe it was useful for combo device to prevent accidental pointer movement during intense typing sessions.

In general, device is very good. Unfortunately it does not have additional buttons beside basic 3, but is totally suitable for most jobs where you need simple pointing & clicking functionality.