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Just reference pictures of various models, for visual identification (as some of them have more than one name) and links to detailed information.



Full-sized trackballs (about 13/4" to 21/2"), first picture -

Upper row:
1. Assimitaion Process AP07055, 57mm
2. Curtis MVP-1 Mouse, 57mm
3. Kensington Expert Mouse 5 #64210, 57mm
4. Kensington Expert Mouse 2 #62364, 57mm
5. Penny & Giles DS509216/3 (Esterline, Semerc, Traxsys, Ametec), 63mm
6. Measurement Systems XCL-250, 63mm
7. Cursor Controls Trackerball R60-163350 (Semerc ProTrack 60), 63mm
8. Marconi RB2 Marcus (MEDL, Cursor Controls R55-163330, NSI, Siemens PFS-3605-A, Acorn), 57mm
9. CST L-Trac 2545-5W, 57mm
10. CST PC-Trac 1150, 57mm
11. MicroSpeed AmTRAC, 57mm
12 CH Products Trackball Pro (DT225, Bruker, Digital Instruments, Hologic, MVP, Taylor, APEM), 57mm
13. Abaton ProPoint ABPP1147 (Powertouch), 57mm

Second row:
1. Chic Technology CTB-20002 (CompUSA Easy Roller, Inland Pro Track 3000, Stationary Trackball Mouse EP20169G), 57mm
2. Kensington Expert Mouse Pro #64213, 57mm
3. EMAC Silhouette, 57mm
4. Kensington TurboRing #64660, 50mm
5. Kensington SlimBlade #72327, 55mm
6. Kensington ExpertMouse 7 #64325, 55mm
7. Kensington TurboBall #64227, 51mm
8. Elecom Huge M-HT1UR, 52mm
9. Sanwa Trackball Pro MA-TB38, 55mm
10. Adesso iMouse T50 (Kodak Q50), 51mm
11. Logitech TrackMan Marble FX T-CJ12, 52mm
12. Chia Shin PT100 (MacAlly iBall, Sanwa TB-350PS, Fellowes Sphere 99899), 51mm
13. Focus FT-100, 51mm
14. Qtronix TB-90M (Reveal TB-90M, Identity Systems IDMAC-TRK, Winner T2+, CMS Right Trak, Interex MAC-200), 51mm

Third row:
1. BKS electronique B1309A (Hewlett-Packard M1309A), 50mm
2. Cortron DuraTrack 530-0032, 51mm
3. Disc Instruments Lynx LX200-192 (Honeywell, Dynapar, PGT MicroTrac, Cognex, Teknar, Mentor, Finnigan Mat, Foxboro), 51mm
4. Kraft TripleTrack 820126, 51mm
5. Anko Electronic TB-500A2 (Javelin, Suncom MouseTrac), 51mm
6. Penny & Giles DS48866/4 (Ametek, Traxsys), 51mm
7. ITAC Mouse-Trak (Foxboro, Invensys), 51mm
8. ITAC Evolution, 51mm
9. Qtronix Libra-90 (Winner, Sanwa TB-200UP, AbleTrack, Belkin, Assassin 3D, Digital Research, PCconcepts Trackball 2000), 51mm
10. iOne Libra-90, 51mm
11. BMC Micro HMA00-0058 (Addison, SICOS, Golden Image GI-800R, Precision Instruments Trackball Pro, PC Accessories), 51mm
12. Evergreen Systems Diamond XL 100296-536L-N, 51mm
13. Evergreen Systems Diamond XX 100296-510A, 51mm

Bottom row:
1. Maxima Gopro Technologies GP001 (Ivory 2700, Alfa Data, Clear Crystal, Command Conquer Fanatec, MCS MG Track, Digit), 51mm
2. Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan T-RB22 (Calypso), 44mm
3. Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan T-RB22 P/N: 804378-0000, 44mm
4. iOne Lynx R15 (Sanwa MA-TB41, Adesso iMouse T1), 46mm
5. Microsoft Trackball Explorer X08-70390, 46mm
6. Sony DMW-C4, 44mm
7. Contriver Contrack Ball (Commax Witty Ball), 51mm
8. Logitech Cordless TrackMan FX T-RA17, 52mm
9. Logitech TrackMan Vista T-CG10, 44mm
10. ICA Technology IB-PC20 (Kraft Systems wBall, Aero Trackball, Packintell), 44mm
11. iOne Lynx W10 (Sanwa 400-MA094, Nulea M511), 46mm
12. Elecom Deft Pro M-DPT1MR, 44mm
13. Fulcrum Trackball Plus, 44mm

Medium-sized & small trackballs (mostly 40mm and below), second picture -

Upper row:
1. AllSpirit The Ball (MacMice, Chwang Yi), 40mm
2. A-Four Tech First-Finger AT-5P ( WinTrack WT-5P, Smartz WT-5), 40mm
3. Mouse Systems PC Trackball II GK-T321 (AS-T320P), 40mm
4. Logitech TrackMan Marble T-BC21, 40mm
5. A-Four Tech WinTrack WT-9 (Digital Research Ergo DRTRACKE), 40mm
6. Chic Technology EP20374W (Kensiko, 4D TrackBall, SKU# 275372, Inland Pro Trackball 4000, Micro Innovations ScrollTrack PD700), 37mm
7. Philips Trackerball 22ER9013, 40mm
8. Adesso iMouse T40 (Kodak iMouse Q40), 40mm
9. A-Four Tech WinTrack WT-7P (RadioShack 26-393, Digital Research DRTRACKB, US Logic Super Desktop Trackball, Recoton 67714), 40mm
10. Microsoft IntelliMouse X03-09209, 37mm
11. Perixx PERIPRO-301, 40mm
12. A-Four Tech ScrollTrack WWT-5E (Trust Ami Track), 40mm

Middle row:
1. Chic Technology CTB-400 (GoldenIMAGE, MousePlus, USA Identity, Merit TB-3000, Identity Systems IDTRKBALL), 40mm
2. Kensington Orbit ScrollRing #72337, 40mm
3. Penny & Giles TrackerMouse (ACT Apricot TB), 37mm
4. A-Four Tech ScrollTrack 4D WWT-13 (Belkin TrackMaster F8E189, Scanport SMT-13, Micro Innovations Scroll FX PD100i, RadioShack 26-442), 40mm
5. IBM (Lexmark) TrackPoint 1396670, 35mm
6. Logitech Pilot T-MA CST2 (CoStar Stingray T-AC CST2 50100-PLT), 34mm
7. Kensington Orbit #64221, 40mm
8. Anko Electronic TB-700A (IBM EasyOptions TR585), 43mm
9. Chia Shin Qball (Macally QBall, PCally Optical Trackball, Kingsis KSTB01), 38mm
10. Kensington Orbit Oplical #64327, 40mm
11. Logitech Marble Mouse T-CM14, 40mm
12. Qtronix Mighty Track Ball TB-30 (Mouse Systems TB-305, Sigma TB-30MP), 44mm
13. Fellowes Opti Trac 99934, 34mm

Bottom row:
1. Appoint Thumbelina 021405 (Fellowes Thumbelina, Pro Mini 401), 8mm
2. Logitech TrackMan Voyager T-CF9, 19mm
3. Elecom Bitra M-MT2DRS, 34mm
4. MicroSpeed MicroTRAC PD-600S (Librex, CST 650), 19mm
5. Primax Electronics Handtrack HTB01 (InfoTRACK MUHTBM, Tandy Handheld Trackball 25-2003), 25mm
6. Wacom SmartScroll BH-0110 (SS-100), 25mm
7. Perixx PERIPRO-506, 25mm
8. Asher Engineering Lynx (Turbo) LX-200, 38mm
9. Kensington Orbit Wireless Mobile #72352, 32mm
10. Vobis Highscreen Colani, 38mm
11. Elecom Deft M-DT1DR, 34mm